162 Seven Farms Drive, Suite 320, Daniel Island, SC 29492

About Dragon Palace

If you like Chinese food, you will agree that one of the greatest legacies of the Chinese in this country is a wide spread offering of Chinese take out and buffet restaurant. Almost anywhere now, you can find scrumptious Chinese meals with something for every one, from shrimp fried rice sweet-and-sour chicken, from wonton soup to Peking duck, all freshly cooked while you wait. As satisfying as these meals can be, what are more rare are those restaurants that seek to bring Americans samplings of truly original Chinese cuisine. Only in such cities as San Francisco, New York and Atlanta will you find what the Dragon Palace on Daniel Island now offers in Charleston. Cheng Sin Yung, a modest and dedicated chef of fifteen years’ experience and a local leader in oriental take-out and dining-in experiences, has been steadily working to bring his life’s dream to fruition: to offer authentic Chinese cuisine in a charismatic oriental atmosphere. He and his family now proudly present DragonPalace, Charleston’s first ImperialGarden Chinese Bistro.

Dragon palace itself was over two years in the making, having been constructed in its entirely in the city of Taiwan, using the finest quality hard woods and marble available, following intense design consultation aimed at recreating an atmosphere found at the height of the Qing Dynasty in China, the era in which its two-thousand-year-old imperial system arguably reached its peak. Dragon palace was then dismantled and shipped, piece-by-piece, to its current location on Daniel Island, to house the culinary dishes painstakingly developed by Mr. Cheng. Dragon palace is a furnished treasure-trove of art and decoration by modern Chinese masters beautifully depicting styles that were hallmarks of an ancient Chinese culture.

During construction, Mr. Cheng spent several months in Hong Kong researching his recipes and developing new techniques to achieve the authentic cuisine he earnestly desired to create the mixing and blending of color, aroma, flavor and presentation are successfully matched by his commitment to using only fresh, top quality ingredients. All dishes on the menu are carefully crafted and prepared with originality in mind, and each of them has unique features highlighted.

“My philosophy is to take local residents a small step back into ancient Chinese imperial history by combining a captivating atmosphere and delicious food reminiscent of earlier times. I cordially invite you to experience the delights of a new era of oriental dining.”